Title: Inflation from the point of view of quantum estimation theory

Speaker: Jun’ya Kume

Abstract: Recently, application of the quantum estimation theory to inflation has been discussed in several works by C. Gomez and R. Jimenez. Focusing on two of their papers, I introduce their perspectives that the properties of primordial curvature perturbation generated during inflation can be quantum mechanically explained by the quantum Fisher information with respect to the appropriate parameter. After I briefly give a review on the quantum Fisher information and Cramer-Rao bound, I present how the amplitude and the tilt of the curvature perturbation can be related to the Fisher information with respect to the time and the energy scale, respectively.

[1]C. Gomez and R. Jimenez, Phys. Rev. D 102 (2020) no.6, 063511, [arXiv:2002.04294 [hep-th]].
[2]C. Gomez and R. Jimenez, arXiv:2012.04003 [hep-th].
[3]M. G. A. Paris, Int. J. Quantum. Inform. 07, 125 (2009).
[4]A. Albrecht, P. Ferreira, M. Joyce and T. Prokopec, “In-flation and squeezed quantum states,” Phys. Rev. D50,4807-4820 (1994) [arXiv:astro-ph/9303001 [astro-ph]]

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