Matthew Lake

TITLE: Spinning Cosmic Strings

ABSTRACT: We generalise the Nielsen-Olesen ansatz to include spin, for vortices with winding number $|n|>1$, and demonstrate that this configuration is a solution of the Abelian-Higgs equations of motion. A generalised action for strings composed of rotating vortices is then proposed and the constants of motion are determined. If the orientation of the vortices varies along the length of the string, ``windings" are produced, which can be stabilised dynamically. For loops, the presence of angular momentum interferes with the usual dynamics and three, qualitatively different, regimes arise, depending on the initial conditions. These results are formally analogous to those found for wound Nambu-strings in models with compact extra dimensions.

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Last-modified: 2013-11-20 (水) 11:11:54 (2708d)