Speaker: Kojiro Kawana

Emission from thermonuclear explosions in white dwarf TDEs

In tidal disruption events (TDEs) of a white dwarf (WD) by a black hole (BH), the WD is not only tidally disrupted but possibly ignites nuclear burning with the help of tidal compression. MacLeod et al. (2016) show that emission from thermonuclear explosion in a TDE of a CO WD with 0.6 Msun is reminiscent of Type I supernovae. However, nucleosynthesis and dynamics of tidal debris in WD TDEs have a large variety depending on BH/WD mass and orbital parameters (Kawana et al. 2018). Here, we study a variety of emission emerging from thermonuclear explosion in WD TDEs by performing hydrodynamic simulations coupled with nuclear reactions and post-process radiative transfer calculations. We find that emission from WD TDEs of a He WD is significantly different from that of CO WDs. Because of lower mass of unbound debris, it shows short timescale and blue color. We will also discuss comparisons of He WD TDEs with so-called calcium rich transients and rapid transients.

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