Speaker: Kana Moriwaki

Cross-correlation between the 21-cm signal and [OIII] emitters during early cosmic reionization

The 21-m line provides a direct method to probe the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the Universe. Telescopes such as SKA try to measure the power spectrum of the 21-cm at the epoch of reionization (EoR). By taking the cross-correlation between the 21-cm with some other tracers at the same redshift, we can mitigate the foreground contamination. We propose to use [OIII} line emitting galaxies to cross-correlate with the 21-cm signals at the early phase of the EoR. In this talk, I will introduce ongoing and planned observations of the EoR. Then I will discuss the detectability of the cross-power spectrum between the 21-cm and [OIII] line emitters at the beginning of the EoR.

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