Speaker: Soichiro Hashiba

Title: The hierarchy problem, and the brane world

Many physicists (especially particle physicists) believe that Nature loves the order of one.
In this sense, huge hierarchies between some physical constants are thought to be quite “unnatural”.
Why does Nature seem to be “unnatural”? This is the hierarchy problem (the naturalness problem).

L. Randall and R. Sundrum (1999) proposed the brane world scenario as a solution for one of hierarchy problems.
In this scenario, our 4-dimensional universe is a brane floating in a 5-dimensional bulk.
When we construct 4D effective field theory, the structure of 5D spacetime exponentially enhances deferences
between parameters in 5D bulk and realizes large hierarchies between effective parameters on 4D brane.

In the first half of this talk, I will briefly introduce various kinds of hierarchy problems and possible solutions.
In the latter half, I will explain how the brane world scenario works.

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