Speaker: Kazumi Kashiyama

Title: Fast radio bursts and related phenomena

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are an enigmatic phenomenon; trains of
coherent radio waves are arriving from a cosmological distance for a
millisecond. In this talk I will first review the evolution of FRB
research since its discovery in 2007. The most promising source of FRB
is neutron star (NS). In fact, very recently a low-luminosity FRB has
been detected from a strongly magnetized NS, SGR 1935+2154,
simultaneously with an X-ray flare. Focusing on the NS model, I will
describe the theoretical insights and challenges that such
observational achievements have implied : “What is the emission
mechanism of FRB?”, “What type of NSs can be the source of FRB?”, and
“How such NSs are formed with what type of explosive transients?”.
Finally I will discuss prospects and strategies to provide a
comprehensive answer to these questions.

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