Speaker: Yusuke Yamada

Title: Quantum tunneling and related phenomena

Quantum tunneling is a hallmark of nonclassical physics. Such a phenomenon is relevant to microscopic physics to cosmology. In this talk, I will briefly review examples of tunneling phenomena mostly in cosmology. In tunneling phenomena, the notion of decay rate of a state is one of the most important quantities. I will review how the decay rate is precisely defined and computed in a modern way. For simplicity, I will discuss it in quantum mechanics, but the formulation is straightforwardly applied to quantum field theory as well.

I will discuss several topics, but the topic discussed in detail is based on the following paper : A. Andreassen, D. Farhi, W. Frost, M. D. Schwartz, Phys.Rev.D 95 (2017) 8, 085011

※Notice: This is scheduled to be the last seminar in this semester.

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