Speaker: Takuma Suda

Title: A massive star with a black hole companion as a candidate for gravitational wave emission

Binary systems are important probes of the origin of stars in terms of interactions between two stars. We have studied the evolution of supernova binaries after a blast wave hits a low-mass companion to identify the survivors of the first stars in the universe. Theoretical models are developed using hydrodynamic simulations of the system consisting of supernova ejecta and companion stars. In combination with the theoretical research, we have searched for the progenitor binary systems based on radial velocity monitoring. As a byproduct of the search for binaries consisting of a massive star and a low-mass star, we may have discovered a binary system with a black hole companion. If it is the case, it will be an interesting object as a possible source of gravitational wave emission. We will discuss the possibility whether the observed O-type star has a black hole companion.

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