Speaker: Kojiro Kawana

Title: Observational signatures from tidal disruption events of white dwarfs

A star passing close to a black hole (BH) can be disrupted by the tidal force. In the tidal disruption event (TDE), the disrupted star leaves debris bound to the BH causing bright emission, which is observed as a multi-wavelength transient. In TDEs of a white dwarf (WD) by a black hole (BH), the WD is not only tidally disrupted but possibly ignites nuclear burning with the help of tidal compression. The emission from the thermonuclear explosion can be distinguishable signatures of WD TDEs, and detecting the events will help us to study properties of BHs. However, the observational signatures are not well understood, especially on their variety depending on BH/WD mass and orbital parameters. We study a variety of emission emerging from thermonuclear explosion in WD TDEs by performing a suite of hydrodynamic simulations coupled with nuclear reactions and post-process radiative transfer calculations. We thus derive synthetic multi-band light curves and spectra. I will compare the observational signatures of our model with those of observed transients.

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