Speaker : Yuting Lu

Title: Measuring stellar rotation periods and stellar inclinations of Kepler solar-type stars

The determination of stellar rotation period benefits studies of a wide range of topics such as stellar evolution, magnetic activities and stellar dynamo. An immediate application of rotation period estimation is to derive the stellar inclination relative to our line of sight. Such an angle is an important parameter to determine the angle between the stellar rotation spin and planetary orbital spin, i.e., the spin-orbit angle, which is believed to offer important clues to the formation and evolution of planetary systems. The advent of space mission like Kepler provides a large amount of high-quality photometric data for stars, and various techniques have been developed to measure stellar rotation periods based on Kepler photometric data. In this project, we derive the rotation periods for 91 solar type stars using three mostly-used photometric analysis techniques, including the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram(LS), auto-correlation function(ACF), and wavelet method. We then compare period estimation results using photometric analysis with those using asteroseismic analysis, with the latter method being an independent approach of measuring stellar parameters by studying the stellar oscillation. In the presentation, I will present our results of photometric analysis and comparison with asteroseismic estimations.

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