Yasushi Suto

1.  On the local dark matter density

          J.Bovy and S.Tremaine  arXiv:1205.4033

2.  The scale of cosmic isotropy

          C,Marinoni, J.Bel, and A.Buzzi arXiv:1205.3309

3.  Cosmology and the Hubble constant: on the megamaser cosmology project (MCP),

          C.Henkel et al. arXiv:1205.0823

4.  Effect of inhomogeneity of the Universe on a gravitationally bound local system: a no-go result for explaining the secular increase in the astronomical unit

          H.Arakida  arXiv:1204.3667

5.  Superflares on solar-type stars

         H.Maehara et al. Nature 485(2012)473


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