担当者: Hayatsu
時間 :10:30-12:00
場所 :理学部4号館ピロティ前セミナー室
内容:添付ファイル fileJournal_hayatsu140310.pdf 参照

I. De Looze et al.The applicability of FIR fine-structure lines as SFR tracers over wide ranges of metallicities and galaxy typesarXiv:1402.4075
R. Cortese et al.PACS photometry of the Herschel Reference Survey - Far-infrared/sub-millimeter colors as tracers of dust properties in nearby galaxiesarXiv:1402.4524
R. Dutta et al.A study of low-metallicity DLAs at high redshift and CII* as a probe of their physical conditionsarXiv:1402.2975

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