時間 :10:30-12:00
場所 :理学部4号館ピロティ前セミナー室
内容:添付ファイル [添付] 参照

T. Daylan, D. P. Finkbeiner, D. Hooper, et al.The Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Signal from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark MatterarXiv:1402.6703
K. N. AbazajianResonantly-Produced 7 keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter Models and the Properties of Milky Way SatellitesPRL, 112, 161303 (2014); arXiv:1403.0954
E. Kruse and E. AgolKOI-3278: A Self-Lensing Binary Star SystemScience, 344, 275-277 (2014); arXiv:1404.4379

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