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K. Chen (NAOJ), A. Heger, D. Whalen, T. Moriya, V. Bromm, S. Woosley, and A. AlmgrenLow Energy Population III Supernovae and the Origin of the Extremely Metal-Poor Star SMSS J031300.36-670839.3ArXiv [1601.06896]
C. Safranek-Shrader (UCSC, Austin), M. Montgomery, M. Milosavljevic, and V. BrommStar formation in the first galaxies – III. Formation, evolution, and characteristics of the first metal-enriched stellar clusterMNRAS (2016) 455 3288
T. Oka, R. Mizuno, K. Miura, and S. Takekawa (Keio)Signature of an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole in the Central Molecular Zone of Our GalaxyApJ (2016) 816 L7

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