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Author(s)TitleYear, Journal,Number(,Link)
T. Hartwig et al.Gravitatonal Waves from the Remnants of the First Stars2016, arXiv:1603.05655
K. Inayoshi et al.Strong gravitatonal wave background from Popula:on III binary black holes consistent with cosmic reionizaton2016, arXiv:1603.06921
B. Trakhtenbrot et al.Faint COSMOS AGN at z〜3.3 - I. Black Hole Propertes and Constraints on Early Black Hole Growth2016, arXiv:1512.04551
P. M. Garnavich et al.Shock Breakout and Early Light Curves of Type II-P Supernovae Observed with Kepler2016ApJ...820...23G

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