時間 :10:30-12:00
場所 :理学部4号館ピロティ前セミナー室
内容:添付ファイル [添付] 参照

Author(s)TitleYear, Journal,Number(,Link)
S. Flender, D. Nagai, and M. McDonaldConstraints on the Optical Depth of Galaxy Groups and ClustersarXiv:1610.08029
J. L. Tinker, A. R. Wetzel, C. Conroy, and Y. MaoHalo Histories vs. Galaxy Properties at z = 0 I: The Quenching of Star FormationarXiv:1609.03388
N. E. Chisari, C. Dvorkin, F. Schmidt, and D. N. SpergelMultitracing Anisotropic Non-Gaussianity with Galaxy ShapesarXiv:1607.05232

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