時間 :10:30-12:00
場所 :理学部4号館ピロティ前セミナー室
内容:添付ファイル file20201019_MondaySeminar_TilmanHartwig.pdf 参照

Author(s)TitleYear, Journal,Number(,Link)
N. Sedaghat et al.Machines Learn to Infer Stellar Parameters Just by Looking at a Large Number of SpectraarXiv:2009.12872
R. Bouwens et al.The ALMA Spectroscopic Survey Large Program: The Infrared Excess of z=1.5-10 UV-selected Galaxies and the Implied High-Redshift Star Formation HistoryarXiv:2009.10727
K. S. S. Barrow et al.The Lyman Continuum Escape Survey: Connecting Time-Dependent [OIII] and [OII] Line Emission with Lyman Continuum Escape Fraction in Simulations of Galaxy FormationarXiv:2010.00592

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