Speaker: Bernard Carr (Queen Mary University of London)
Title: Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter and Seeds for Cosmic Structure
Primordial black holes (PBHs) larger than 10^{15}g are natural candidates for the dark matter but numerous constraints from lensing, dynamical and accretion effects imply that there are only a few allowed mass windows and the PBHs may need to have an extended mass function. The intermediate-mass window at 1–100 M⊙ is of special interest in view of the recent detection of black-hole mergers by LIGO. However, PBHs larger than this might have important consequences even if they provide only a small fraction of the dark matter. In particular, they could generate cosmological structure – including supermassive black holes, the first bound clouds and galaxies – through either the ‘seed’ effect or the ‘Poisson’ effect, thereby alleviating some problems associated with the standard CDM scenario. If the PBHs have an extended mass spectrum, they could both provide dark matter and generate cosmic structures. In this case, the stochastic gravitational wave background from the PBHs in this scenario would extend continuously from the LIGO frequency to the LISA frequency.

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