The Faculty of Science Bldg.1 9th floor


  • room 904
    • member : Prof.Suto
    • tel : 03-5841-4195
  • room 905
    • member : Prof.Yoshida
    • tel : 03-5841-4243
  • room 909
    • member : 大栗、(Tilman)、Hyunbae、林、三谷、Yuting、Zhong、Benomar
    • tel : 03-5841-4191
  • room 923
    • member : 樫山、森脇、Wang、垂水、河合、駒木、仲里、稲熊
    • tel : 03-5841-4177
  • Other
    • FAX:03-5841-4224 (Secretary's office)
  • M1 room
    • member : none

Life in UTAP


  • Ask secretary when sending mails relating to research activities.

Post Item

  • We have a mail box in room 235. Ae aware of checking both the upper and lower shelf.
  • When we get mails for OB/OG, forward to their new addresses. If you don't know their addresses, ask secretary.

Color Printer

  • On 4th floor. You need a copy card.
  • There you can also scan your documents.You can use a USB in the container on the door of room923.


  • Doctor students have to write signature on the receipt.
  • Use Purchase reception machine (納品受付機) on the 2nd floor to get the date stamped in the receipt.

Fluorescent light bulb

  • New fluorescent light bulbs are stored in room 235.
  • 2 light bulbs are used in one lighting equipment. You just need exchange one of them because they are series circuit.
  • If you are lack of small light bulbs, ask students stationary

International phone call

  • You can make international phone calls only from room 909.
    0(phone to outside the school)-010(KDDI)-country number(America 1)-phone number(except 0 at the beginning)
  • You can also use FAX.


  • Only students in charge manage keys for room 909 and 923. Ask them when you need keys. Secretaries have ID cards for entering the building 1.
  • Keys for 909, 923 are stored in room 923, 909, respectively. A key for room 908 is in room 909


会計 / account

Oguri, Kashiyama

鍵 / Key


計算機 / Computers

Tarumi, Komaki, Inaguma

#Kawana (Mail, Wiki, the others)

#Tarumi (Mathematica, UTAP Web page)

プリンター / Printer

Moriwaki, Hayashi

セミナー / Seminar

Ohta, Takei, Tsuna, Hashiba, Hayashi, Moriwaki, Wang

コンパ / Party

Uchida, Tokeshi, Kristiano Kuriyama, Shikauchi, Zhong

郵便・掲示 / Post

Kawai, Komaki

文房具 / Stationary

Wang, Kawai

美化 / Cleaning

Moriwaki, Lu, Nakazato

年次報告 / Annual report


名簿 / Name list


若手の会機関代表 / Representative of "wakate no kai" (young astronomers association)


倶楽部活動 / Club

水泳部 / Swimming

ルール :

SOCゼミ / Soccer

議事録 :file2016年度SOC.pdf

映画部 / Movie


クライミング部 / Climbing

member: Kawana, Hashiba

添付ファイル: file2016年度SOC.pdf 725件 [詳細]

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