時間 :10:30-12:00
場所 :理学部4号館ピロティ前セミナー室
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|Author(s)|Title|Year, Journal,Number(,Link)|
|Y. Suto| Jinsei Ippan ni Sotairon |2010, ISBN978-4-13-063354-3|
|T. Tenim et al.,|Probing the Innermost Ejecta Layers in SNR Kes 75: Implications for the Supernova Progenitor|arxiv:1905.02849|
|F. Bietenholz and N. Bartel|Recent VLBI Results on SN 1986J and the Possibility of FRBs Originating from Inside the Expanding Ejecta of Supernovae|arxiv:1905.06690|


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