Kazumi Kashiyama


I am especially interested in physics of compact objects, i.e., black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, and related high-energy astrophysical phenomena. Research projects I have been working on are (random order)
・gamma-ray bursts, in particular, from the first stars
・superluminouse supernovae and the pulsar-driven model
・fast radio bursts
・core collapse of massive stars and black-hole/neutron-star formation
・compact binary mergers (white dwarf x2, neutron star x2, black hole x2)
・gravitational waves associated with magnetar oscillations
・particle acceleration at various astrophysical shocks
・supermassive black hole formation in early universe
・astrophysical sources of GeV-TeV electron/positron cosmic rays
・astrophysical sources of TeV-PeV neutrinos
・dark matter search using puslar timeing arrays
・galaxy mergers
and etc. For more details, please see my publications.

I am happy to talk with interested students at any time. If you are interested in joining our group as a graduate student, there are some scholarship programs, e.g., GSGC program and MEXT fellowship.