Tilman Hartwig

Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo

Helping Hands Network

I am the co-founder and oversea coordinator of the Helping Hands Network, a nonprofit organisation committed to empowering people and reducing poverty in deprived communities in Liberia through the provision of essential education services. A press article about our efforts has been published by the RNZ (March 2014, German): PDF

Science Teacher Workshop in Monrovia, Liberia (2012).

Tokyo Space Cafe

I was invited to the Tokyo Space Cafe to talk about "The Mysterious Formation of Supermassive Black Holes".

Tokyo Space Cafe, June 2019

IPMU High School Student Event: Meet the Scientists!

As part of our international conference, we organised a scientific outreach event for Japanese high school students.

Meet the Scientists! University of Tokyo, December 2018

UNESCO International Year of Light

I gave a presentation at a French-German high school near Paris about the various information astrophysicists can gain from the light of astronomical objects. Download slides (in German).

Fête de la science

Explaining detection methods of exoplanets as scientific expert for the “Fête de la science” 2016.

Discussion about cosmology with interested visitors at the “Fête de la science” 2015.

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