Inflationary bispectrum from symmetry and locality.

Jason Kristiano

Abstract: Inflationary bispectrum was first derived by Maldacena in his famous paper [1]. Recently, inspired by the development of scattering amplitude in the particle physics community, some cosmologists are trying to derive inflationary bispectrum, or generally higher-point function, by only considering symmetries of cosmological perturbations. First, Nima Arkani-Hamed et. al. [2] successfully derived inflationary bispectrum by only using slightly broken de-Sitter space isometries. However, inflation generally breaks de-Sitter isometries, either small or large. For that motivation, Enrico Pajer et.al. [3-5] introduced a new bootstrap method without assuming de-Sitter isometries. In this seminar, I will review his method and compare the advantages and disadvantages to the previous one.

[1] J. Maldacena, JHEP 05, 013 (2003).
[2] N. Arkani-Hamed, et. al., JHEP 04, 105 (2020).
[3] E. Pajer, JCAP 01, 023 (2021).
[4] S. Jazayeri, et.al., arXiv: 2103.08649.
[5] H. Goodhew et. al., JCAP 04, 021 (2021).

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