The Japanese version is / 日本語はこちら: UTAPwiki/事務連絡/専攻メールへの移行について

(5/25 added) The activation of the new mail account has completed. Please check the emails in ECCS cloud mail from now on.

New mail hosting service

UTAP members have been using the email address "". However, we have to shift to a new email address "(first name).(family name)" following the change in mail hosting service of our University. Please complete the renewal procedure by 15th May, 2020.

You can keep using the old email address until the end of this academic year if you complete the procedure here. If you are using the email address to some services, please update to the new address by March 2021.

The new mail account is actually an ECCS cloud mail (, and the address "(first name).(family name)" is an alias. Therefore you have to complete the initial setting of the ECCS cloud mail. We can also use the old address as the alias to the ECCS cloud mail.

The procedure is presented here.

For more details on the new mail hosting service, also see: (English version will be prepared in some near future, but at 16th April only Japanese version exists.)


1. Do the initial setting of ECCS cloud mail

2. Check that you can use ECCS cloud mail
・If needed, also set up some mail client

3. Check that your new address is registered: Login to [[Google account:]] with ECCS mail address, check "Google account>Personal Info>Contact Info>Email>Alternate emails", and confirm that the new address ( is there.

4. Check that you can send/receive emails
・If you want to use the new address as "From:", follow the instruction here (English version will be prepared in some near future, but at 16th April only Japanese version exists.)
・It may take some time to reflect the change of DNS. Please check both old and new mail accounts as emails are delivered to both accounts for a while.

If you have any questions or problems, contact Yuta Tarumi (ytarumi@utap.phys... or yuta.tarumi@phys.s...) for help.

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