An Introduction to skyrmions

Fumio Uchida

In the last decade there seems to be a trend of studying skyrmions [1], mostly in the field of condensed matter physics. Although we are in the field of not condensed matter physics but cosmology, it could be worth understanding the concept of it, since it is a family of the important concepts in cosmology, e.g., monopoles, cosmic strings, and domain walls, in that they all are topological solitons. In the talk, I will introduce magnetic skyrmions [2], which are the very concept attracting much attention from condensed matter physicists, and also talk about skyrmion dark matter [3], in the context of cosmology.

[1] T. H. R. Skyrme, “A Nonlinear field theory,” Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. 260 (1961) 127,
[2] A. N. Bogdanov and D. A. Yablonskii, “Thermodynamically stable ‘vortices’ in magnetically ordered crystals. The mixed state of magnets,” Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz 95 (1989) 178,
[3] H. Murayama and J. Shu, “Topological Dark Matter,” Phys. Lett. B 686 (2010) 162. [arXiv:0905.1720 [hep-ph]]

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