Title: Ceterum autem censeo, Gravitas esse quantizo

Speaker: Kohei Kamada

Niels Bohr has once argued in his private communications
that the consistency of the double-slit experiment of charged particle
with the detectors that can measure the Coulomb force
requires the quantization of the electromagnetic fields.
Motivated by the idea, recently people have studied the necessity
for the quantization of gravitons.
In this talk, I will introduce two studies on that,
where the later one concluded that graviton must be quantized.

[1] Baym & Ozawa, PNAS 106, 3035, 2009, arXiv: 0902.2615 [quant-ph]
[2] Belenchia et al., PRD 98, 126009, 2018, arXiv:1807.07015 [quant-ph]

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