Singularities of Cosmological Correlators

Jason Kristiano

Abstract: The structures of the cosmological correlators are controlled by their singularities [1,2], which are fixed in terms of the flat-space scattering amplitude [3]. By knowing their singularities, residues, and unitarity conditions, it is possible to determine the full structure of the correlators. This method was proposed by Baumann et. al. in their latest paper [1] within the spirit of the bootstrap method, much influenced by [2] and [3] paper. This will be a series of lectures, with tentative contents:

(1) Oct 4: Singularities of flat-space correlators and de-Sitter space correlators.
(2) TBD: Cutting correlators and gluing correlators rules.
(3) TBD: Lifting correlators rules, from flat-space to de-Sitter space.


[1] D. Baumann, et. al., Linking the Singularities of Cosmological Correlators, arXiv:2106.05294
[2] S. Jazayeri, et. al., From locality and unitarity to cosmological correlators, arXiv:2103.08649
[3] N. Arkani-Hamed, et. al., Cosmological Polytopes and the Wavefunction of the Universe, arXiv:1709.02813

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