Seminar on Early Universe and General Relativity

Time: Monday 14:00-16:00
Location:1st floor at the 4th Bldg of Science faculty

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2020/12/7 (月)


Soft de-Sitter effective field theory

Jason Kristiano

de-Sitter space plays important role in cosmology, such as inflation of the universe is described by a scalar field in de-Sitter space. de-Sitter space is characterized by a dimensionful quantity, which is Hubble constant and corresponds to the typical energy scale of de-Sitter space. To predict some observable quantities, cosmologist usually interested in the late time limit of de-Sitter space. The energy scale at the late time limit is far below the typical energy of de-Sitter space. Such limit is called soft limit. An example in cosmology is power spectrum of inflation is evaluated at the superhorizon scale or soft limit. To calculate it, we usually use the full theory of de-Sitter space, then evaluate the soft limit at the end of the calculation. However, can we construct the effective field theory of soft de-Sitter space? In this talk, I will discuss the construction of soft de-Sitter effective field theory.

[1] T. Cohen and D. Green, Soft de Sitter Effective theory (2020), arxiv:2007.03693

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