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#We have arXiv seminars(10:00-10:30) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.

2022-01-20 (木) 宇宙物理学セミナー
    presenter:Jun'ya Kume Title: LISA and search for Gravitational Wave Background Abstract:
    Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), lead by ESA and NASA, is planned to be launched in 2034. With its large arm length and low frequency sensitivity, LISA will open up a new window for GW observation. In this talk, I will introduce some of the important experimental and analysis techniques in LISA. As for the post data processing, so-called “Time-Delay Interferometry”(TDI) will be implemented in order to deal with laser frequency noise. Since LISA measures displacement of the three arms, TDI provides three characteristic interferometer outputs. Focusing on the GWB search usually done by correlating multiple detectors, I will explain how a single detector, LISA in this case, can probe the signals. References:
    [1] P. Amaro-Seoane et al. “Laser Interferometer Space Antenna,'' [arXiv:1702.00786 [astro-ph.IM]].
    [2] M. Tinto and S. V. Dhurandhar, Living Reviews in Relativity 24, 1 (2021).
[3] T. L. Smith and R. Caldwell, Phys. Rev. D 100 (2019) no.10, 104055
    [4] R. Flauger et al. JCAP 01 (2021), 059 time :13:00-14:00
    place :zoom
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2022-01-27 (木) 宇宙物理学セミナー
    UTAPwiki/セミナー/宇宙物理学セミナー presenter:Yuting Lu
    time :13:00-14:00
    place :zoom
    content:attached file [添付] papers in presentation Author(s)TitleYear, Journal,Number(,Link)Y. SutoJinsei Ippan ni Sotairon2010, ISBN978-4-13-063354-3

Seminar Schedule

新着論文@ピロティ/arXiv Seminar観測的宇宙論速報/ Observational Cosmology Journal Club初期宇宙・相対論速報
新着論文@ピロティ/arXiv Seminar惑星ランチ/Planet Lunch
昼食会/ Lunch Seminar宇宙物理学セミナー/ Astrophysics Cosmology Seminar
新着論文@ピロティ/arXiv Seminar天体核セミナー?

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