Speaker: Laila Alabidi (Kyoto University)

Title: A further discriminatory signature of inflation

Abstract: In this talk I revise the current status of canonical single
field models of inflation in light of the WMAP 7 data, using the
observational bounds on the spectral index and tensor fraction,
extracted using the large scale measurements of the Cosmic Microwave
Background. I then extend this analysis to include models which predict
a significant positive running of the spectral index, which can lead to
the production of Primordial Black Holes (PBHs) towards the end of
inflation. I then explain the concept of induced gravitational waves,
which are gravitational waves induced by scalar perturbations re-
entering the horizon during nucleosynthesis. I consider the case where
the scalar perturbations are created by Hilltop-type and Running Mass
Models, and where the gravitational waves are induced early on in the
radiation phase of the Universe. I explore the impact a detection of
such GWs would have on the field of Inflation Model Discrimination in
general. I show that the Hilltop-type model can produce observable
induced gravitational waves within the range of BBO and DECIGO for
integral and fractional powers of the potential within a reasonable
number of e−folds. I also show that the running mass model can
produce a spectrum within the range of these detectors, but require that
inflation terminates after an unreasonably small number of e−folds.

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