Speaker: Takahiro Terada

Title: Supersymmetric R^2 inflation: the status of F(R) supergravity

Abstract: The Starobinsky model is one of the inflationary models favored by the Planck data.
Its action contains the second order term of Ricci scalar besides the Einstein-Hilbert term.
Recently there are many interests in embedding it into the supergravity framework,
because the latter is the leading candidate of physics beyond the Standard Model.
Actually, about 10 papers appeared this summer from various perspectives. I will review
the current situation and their relations. The main part of the talk will be reanalysis of the
so-called F(R) supergravity based on arXiv:1309.7494. Finally, generic supergravity action
leading to R^2 inflation is discussed. The interesting point is that the action contains
terms needed not only for the Starobinsky inflation but also for the Higgs inflation.

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