Speaker: Tomohiro Fujita

Title: "a new algorithm for calculating the curvature perturbations in stochastic inflation"[arXiv:1308.4754].

We propose a new approach for calculating the curvature perturbations produced during inflation in the stochastic formalism. In our formalism, the fluctuations of the e-foldings are directly calculated without perturbatively expanding the inflaton field and they are connected to the curvature perturbations by the δN formalism. The result automatically includes the contributions of the higher order perturbations because we solve the equation of motion non-perturbatively. In this paper, we analytically prove that our result (the power spectrum and the nonlinearity parameter) is consistent with the standard result in single field slow-roll inflation. We also describe the algorithm for numerical calculations of the curvature perturbations in more general inflation models.

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