Speaker : Pisin Chen
(Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics,
Department of Physics, Graduate Institute of Astrophysics
National Taiwan University)

Title : Radiowave Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays

Abstract : There has been tremendous progress in the field of particle astrophysics
in recent years, exemplified by the results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
in Argentina on ultra high energy cosmic ray (UHECR) detection and the IceCube
at the South Pole on PeV cosmic neutrino observation. Here we introduce a novel
methodology based on the detection of the radio wave signals emitted by the
ultra high energy cosmic neutrinos (UHECN) and cosmic rays. Such radio wave
signals can be either triggered by the Askaryan effect or the geosynchrotron
effect. In this talk we will review the several projects based on this approach,
namely ANITA, ARA, and TAROGE, that have been pursued by the Leung Center for
Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (LeCosPA) at the National Taiwan University.
We will first review the science potentials in astrophysics and particle physics
through the detection of UHECR and UHECN. We will then report on the history,
status and the future prospect of ANITA, ARA, and TAROGE observatories,
including their scientific results obtained so far.

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