Speaker: Takahiro Hayashinaka (RESCEU)
Title: Negativity of electromagnetic response in de Sitter space
This talk will be dedicated to show recent activities on the topic. In the first half of the talk, I explain how negative, i.e. unstable, electromagnetic responses have been revealed. Though this phenomenon was repeatedly reported by several groups recently [1], neither physical origin or intellectual interpretation of the phenomenon have been explicitly given up to the present.
The rest of my talk involve this point. Inspired by a relevant negative response phenomenon in a specific ferroelectric matter [2], I recognized importance of spontaneous symmetry breaking and the effective action or potential of the system. A variation of renormalization group technique, which is called non-perturbative renormalization group (NPRG) [3], can be used for evaluation of the effective action. I re-developed a gauge-invariant formulation of flow equation for scalar QED effective action in curved spacetime. In this formalism, one introduces an IR cutoff scale. As a result, undesirable behavior of the IR modes in de Sitter spacetime can be virtually suppressed [4]. The solution for the flow equation has not been found yet though, I will explain about construction of the gauge-invariant flow equation.
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[2] G. Catalan et al., Nature matt. (2015) 14, 137, S. Kasamatsu et al., Adv. Mater. 2016, 28, 335-340
[3] Christof Wetterich. Phys. Lett., B301:90-94 (1993), M. Reuter and C. Wetterich. Nucl. Phys., B417:181-214 (1994)
[4] For recent application of NPRG in cosmology, see: Maxime Guilleux, Theses, Universite paris Diderot, September, 2016

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