Speaker: Keisuke Inomata (ICRR)
Title: Double Inflation as a single origin of PBHs for all dark matter and LIGO
Primordial Black Hole (PBH) is one of the leading non-particle candidates
for dark matter (DM).
Although several observations severely constrain the amount of PBHs,
it is recently pointed out that there is an uncertainty on the microlensing constraints
below ~ 10^{-10} M_\odot which was ignored originally
but may weaken the constraints significantly.
In the seminar, facing this uncertainty, we investigate the possibility that
PBHs can make up all DM in a broad mass spectrum.
Moreover, we propose a concrete inflation model which can simultaneously produce
PBHs for all DM in a broad mass spectrum around O(10^{-13}) M_\odot
and PBHs for LIGO events in a sharp mass spectrum at O(10) M_\odot.
This talk is based on our recent paper (arXiv:1711.06129).

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