Time complexification for particle production

Soichiro Hashiba

Particle production, such as Hawking radiation, Schwinger effect and gravitational particle production, occurs in real time, however, we have to consider complex time in these phenomena for a proper estimation. That is because zeros of an effective frequency of a particle, which usually are located in complex time plane, plays a crucial role. Classically, a transition from a vacuum state to an excited state is prohibited anywhere but at these zeros, and in quantum field theory, a path integral picks up an effect of the zeros in complex time and particle production is realized. I will introduce several calculation methods of using time complexification for particle production. This talk will be mainly based on these papers:
Picard-Lefschetz theory - 1403.1277, 1510.03435, 1907.12224
Stokes phenomenon - 0911.4692, 1001.2933, 1004.2509, 1405.0302

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