Thermodynamical aspects of gravity and its application.

Takumi Hayashi

The entropy of the blackhole was proposed by Hawking and others several decades ago and developed into the notion of thermodynamics in gravity. It has still been intensively studied, because it could possibly offer the window to the nature of the quantum gravity such as the microstates of the theory.
In this seminor, I start from the emergence of thermodynamics at the classical BH horizon in the usual manner, and introduce the Euclidean analysis via quantum (or thermal) partition function, making use of Hamiltonian formulation of gravity.
Then I extend the thermodynamics to the modified gravity with higher curvatures with the help of the Wald’s entropy. I show examples in some theories how the entropy formula and thermodynamics works, and briefly introduce a recent application aimed at supporting the conjecture in quantum gravity.
The reference is listed below.
[1]T. Padmanabhan, Class. Quant. Grav.19 (2002) 5387-5408
[2]S. W. Hawking, Gary. T. Horowitz, Class. Quant. Grav. 13 (1996) 1487
[3]T. Jacobson, G. Kang, R. C. Myers, Phys. Rev. D 49 (1994) 6587
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