Quantum entanglement in the early Universe

Kouki Tokeshi

The quantum state becomes squeezed after inflation due to cosmological perturbations, and hence there exists quantum entanglement. In this talk, we start with the simplest example which shows quantum entanglement, and see the relation between Hawking temperature of a BH and the entangled particle pair near the horizon, in the viewpoint of themo field dynamics (TFD). After these examples, we consider the quantum squeezed state after inflation, and from the result we finally draw some implications on PBHs.

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[2] T. Prokopec, Class. Quantum Grav. 10 (1993) 2295-2306
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[4] L. Espinosa-Portalés and J. García-Bellido, PRD 101 (2020) 043514 [gr-qc/1907.07601]

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