Stochastic dynamics from Quantum mechanics

Jun'ichi Yokoyama

I will introduce several very old papers to extract
stochastic dynamics from quantum mechanics starting
from the Schroedinger equation, with a wish to apply
for quantum tunneling in real time. I will not go into
field theory, though.

References (chronological order)
E. Nelson "Derivation of Schroedinger equation from Newtonian mechanics"
Physical Review 150(1966)1079
F Guerra and P Ruggiero "New interpretation of the Euclidean-Markov
field in the
frame work of physical Minkowski spacetime" Physical Review Letters
K. Yasue "Detailed time dependent description of tunneling phenomena
arising from stochastic quantization" Physical Review Letters 40(1978)665
D.L. Weaver "Tunneling, stochastic quantization, and escape over a barrier"
Physical Review Letters 23(1978)1473
F. Guerra "Structural aspects of stochastic mechanics and stochastic
field theory"
Physics Reports 77(1981)263

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