Attracted by Particle Production

Soichiro Hashiba

Whenever a value of field changes, particles coupled with this background field are produced. This particle production is quite universal and it can induce considerable backreaction by extracting the energy of the background field. In other words, this particle production behaves as a kind of attractive force. By using this effect, we can trap the background field at a certain point where coupled particles are produced most efficiently. In this talk, I will explain the mechanism of field trapping by particle production and then introduce several applications, moduli trapping and trapped inflation.
This talk is mainly based on the following references.

[1] L. Kofman et al., JHEP 05 (2004) 030.
[2] N. Itzhaki and E. Kovetz, JHEP 10 (2007) 054.
[3] D. Green et al., Phys. Rev. D 80 (2009) 063533.

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