Non-minimal coupling in quantum field theory

Ayuki Kamada

A non-minimal coupling of an inflaton to the Ricci scalar changes the inflationary prediction such as the spectral index and running.
Its importance has been growing, since the recent CMB data favor the chaotic inflation models with a non-minimal coupling such as the Higgs inflation model.
On the other hand, a non-minimal coupling is not well understood, especially in terms of quantum field theory (QFT).
In this talk we will discuss its properties such as perturbative Unitarity and renormalization.
This talk is aimed at locating our QFT-based works (1909.04228, 1909.04229) in the context of inflationary models or more broadly modified gravity models.
We assume only a basic knowledge of QFT (e.g., meaning of Feynman diagrams).

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