Baryon isocurvature perturbations from non-helical magnetic fields

Fumio Uchida

The origin of the baryon asymmetry of the universe is a fundamental problem in cosmology. Among many proposed mechanisms that could solve it, baryogenesis from helical magnetic fields is characteristic in that it relates baryon asymmetry directly to the cosmic magnetic fields. In the scenario, the chiral anomaly in the Standard Model converts hypermagnetic helicity into baryon number. The observed baryon-to-entropy ratio gives conditions on the strength and the coherence length of the magnetic fields, and the generation of baryon isocurvature perturbations gives another constraint because it affects the big-bang nucleosynthesis. Counterintuitively, while the net baryon asymmetry is produced only from the helical part, the baryon isocurvature perturbations are generated from both helical and non-helical parts of the magnetic power spectrum. In the seminar, I focus on and explain how even non-helical magnetic fields can generate baryon isocurvature perturbations.

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