Schwinger Effect during Axion inflation

Tomohiro Fujita

Axion inflation model is well motivated and has been extensively studied. In particular, if the axionic inflaton is coupled to the U(1) gauge field, the particle production takes place and its backreaction slows down the inflaton which assists slow-roll inflation. In the previous works, however, charged particles and its pair productions due to Schwinger effect have not been taken into account. To analyze this complicated system, we develop a stochastic formalism of the gauge field and obtain a self-consistent value of the electric conductivity induced by the charged particles. Using these novel tools, we find several interesting features, for instance, the generated magnetic field can be stronger than the electric field, which could not be realized without charged particles.

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Last-modified: 2021-02-09 (火) 15:44:38 (72d)