Title: A brief introduction to the model of solid inflation

Speaker: Koki Tokeshi

Abstract: Many inflationary models can be treated in the framework of the conventional effective field theory approach, in which the time translation symmetry slightly breaks to realize quasi de Sitter Universe [2]. The model of solid inflation, proposed and systematically analyzed in [1], gives an exception: the spatial translation symmetries are broken in the model. In this talk, I will review the model and introduce many unusual features stemmed from the drastically different symmetry breaking pattern. Since the scalar amplitude could be enhanced compared to the conventional prediction, I will also discuss possibility of black hole formation in the model [3].
[1] S. Endlich, A. Nicolis, and J. Wang, ‘Solid inflation,’ JCAP 10 (2013) 011.
[2] C. Cheung, L. Fitzpatrick, J. Kaplan, and L. Senatore, ‘The effective field theory of inflation,’ JHEP 03 (2008) 014.
[3] G. Ballesteros, J. Jimenez, M. Pieroni, ‘Black hole formation from a general quadratic action for inflationary primordial fluctuations,’ JCAP 06 (2019) 016.

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