Title: Consistency relation in large scale structure and bootstrap: a missing piece?

Speaker: Tomohiro Fujita

Soft theorem, which relates n- and (n+1)-point correlation functions in the soft momentum limit, is generally found in a field theory with a symmetry. In the perturbative approach towards large scale structure (LSS) in our Universe, the soft theorem is called consistency relation and has been of interest from both theoretical and observational perspectives, since it was first proposed in 2013. However, we suspect that the known set of the consistency relation of LSS may not be complete. This is because, when we construct a general solution by using the consistency relation (or "bootstrap" a solution), the obtained solution contains an unphysical component which results in inconsistent behaviors of the correlation functions (e.g. one-loop power spectrum is undetermined). In this seminar talk, I will not provide a solution to this problem. Nevertheless, I will introduce the consistency relation of LSS and explain the problem. If time allows, I will also discuss a possible way to find a missing piece of the consistency relations.

[1] arXiv:1311.0290
[2] arXiv:1311.1236
[3] arXiv:2003.10114
[4] arXiv:2103.08649

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