Title: Measurement of gravitational waves using squeezed light


Speaker: Jun'ichi Yokoyama

Laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors suffer from
many different noise sources. Among them those related with
laser power is shot noise and radiation pressure noise which have
opposite dependence on it, so that there is a lower bound on the
achievable sensitivity called quantum limit. It is known, however,
that using squeezed light we may overcome the simple quantum
limit. I would like to introduce it paying attention to the similarity
to quantum field theory in curved spacetime

"Conversion of conventional gravitatioanl-wave interferometers into
quantum nondemolition interferometers by modifying their input
and/or output optics" H.J. Kimble, Y. Levin, A.B. Matsko,
K.S. Thorne, and S.P. Vyatchanin, Phys. Rev. D65(2001)022002
"Frequency-Dependent squeezed vacuum source for broadband
quantum noise reduction in advanced gravitational wave detectors"
Y.Zhao, N. Aritomi, E. Capocasa, M. Leonardi, ..etal
Phys Rev Lett 124(2020)171101
"Frequency-dependent squeezing for advanced LIGO"
L. McCuller, C. WHittle, D. Ganapathy, K. Komori, et al
Phys Rev Lett 124(2020)171102
The latter two papers were published in sequence; the former reports
an experiment at NAOJ.

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