Title: Irreversible transformations in black-hole physics and the area quantization


Speaker: Naritaka Oshita

A black hole is one of the most mysterious and simplest objects in the Universe.
Especially, the similarity between black-hole physics and thermodynamics naturally
introduces the concept of black-hole entropy, which is represented by
(entropy) = (Black-Hole Area)/(4 * Planck Area).
This suggestive formula implies that there exists a “bit”,
whose size is of the order of the Planck area, on the black hole horizon.
This picture was originally introduced by Bekenstein [1] without relying on the entropy formula.
I will review the reversible and irreversible transformations of a black hole [2]
and then will explain how such an interesting picture was introduced by him.

[1] J. D. Bekenstein, Phys. Rev. D 7, 2333 (1973).
[2] D. Christodoulou, PRL 25, 22 (1970).

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