Title: One-loop effect of 21-cm power spectrum


Speaker: Daisuke Yamauchi

In this talk, I discuss the one-loop effect due to the nonlinear growth of structure in
the context of the 21-cm line during dark ages (30<z<100). Observations of the redshifted
21-cm line of neutral hydrogen open up a new window for observational cosmology. Since
during dark ages most scales remain linear and the nonlinear growth is less effective, we
can in principle easily obtain predictable signals and use a large number of Fourier samples
which would drastically reduce the noise. In this talk, I briefly review the impact of the dark
age's 21-cm line on cosmology and I quantify the effect of the one-loop corrections on
the 21-cm power spectrum.

Yamauchi, 2203.15599
Floss, de Wild, Meerburg, Koopmans, 2201.08843
Munoz, Ali-Haimoud, Kamionkowski, PRD92, 083508 (2015)

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