Title: Toward the Verification of the Equivalence Principle in the Quantum Regime

Speaker: Yoshio Kamiya

How can the gravitational interaction be understood on a microscopic scale, which is described by quantum mechanics? This seminar mainly introduces the experimental plan of testing the weak equivalence principle on the microscopic scale, as one of the experimental attempts to find clues for understanding gravity. The testing probes for this experiment are quantum bound states of neutrons on the earth’s gravity. I would like to discuss also about possibilities how we can utilise these kind of quantum probes for exploring quantum nature of gravity and the basic principle of quantum theory.

(+ AIP Conf. Proceedings 2319, 040017 (2021) "Experimental Search for Non-Newtonian Forces in the Nanometer Scale with Slow Neutrons”)
+ Nucl. Instrum. Methods A979, 164400 (2020) "Development of a Neutron Imaging Sensor using INTPIX4-SOI Pixelated Silicon Devices”
(+ Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 161101 (2015) "Constraints on New Gravitylike Forces in the Nanometer Range”)
(+ Adv. in High Energy Phys. Vol.2014, 859241 (2014) "Precision Measurement of the Position-Space Wave Functions of Gravitationally Bound Ultracold Neutrons”)
+ Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 071101 (2014) "Observation of the Spatial Distribution of Gravitationally Bound Quantum States of Ultracold Neutrons and Its Derivation Using the Wigner Function"

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