UTAPwiki/セミナー/planet lunch
担当者:Suto, Yasushi
時間 :12:15-13:00
場所 :理学部1号館908室

Toshinori Hayashi, Shijie Wang, Yasushi SutoA strategy to search for an inner binary black hole from the motion of the tertiary star I: a perturbative analytic approach to a coplanar and near-circular three-body system and its application to 2M05215658+43592202019, arXiv:1905.07100link
Katelyn Breivik, Sourav Chatterjee, Jeff J. AndrewsConstraining Compact Object Formation with 2M05212018, arXiv:1810.08206link
Stephen R. Kane et al.Discovery of a Compact Companion to a Nearby Star2019, arXiv:1903.04529link

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